Dear 2015

The amount of times the words “how fast is time flying?” was spoken in 2015 is just insane. But really now, 2015 flew by as fast as time flies me sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix. 2015 came with so many good things and a few challenges – but it was a year which has helped me grow immensely. I have decided to start documenting my life here. I’m getting older and I try to think back to January 2015, never mind the years before that, it gets tougher with age (*face palm*). I want to start looking back and remember how I felt at that exact moment – life is currently moving at super speed.

This year started off with travelling back from the Electric Vines Festival in Robertson. A time spent with friends drinking good wine and listening to some good bands. Sometimes I feel like I belong there, amongst the vines. We truly produce the best wine in the world in this country.


Van Loveren Wine Estate, Robertson 

Another big thing that happened in 2015, literally everyone got engaged. My timeline was filled with old friends and new friends showing off their beautiful lucky left fingers. The best one being, one of my closest friends, Ash. She got engaged in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. Jip, it doesn’t get any more romantic. I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle.


My one goal for 2015 was to put myself out there, do something out of my comfort zone – I joined the NMMU Choir. I love singing. Like love it. And I always dreamt of being in a band or something. But I did it, and I am the happiest person because of it.  So this has driven me to keep challenging myself in 2016. It took 25 years. The Choir allowed me to do something for myself, meet new people and express myself.


Photo featured in The Herald, May 2015

I also took a lovely trip down to Cape Town. So many of my friends have made the move to the ‘Big City’ and it was time that I stop by to see how they were doing. Drinking wine was obviously on the cards and spending some more time with them made me realise again how fantastically lucky I am to have them in my life.


I actually had 2 highlights in the year. The first, I moved in with my long-time boyfriend! Moving in wasn’t easy, but all the challenges are good challenges. Finding balance between two people is such an interesting process and you learn so much about the other person. We are still finding our groove, but I couldn’t be happier.


The other highlight, I finally got the chance to travel internationally. I got to attend the first ever International Choral Expo in Macau.

China is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing in the sense that everything is big, shiny and weird. My mind could not fathom what was happening. It was great. From swollen ankles to being tired, I was running on overdrive to take in as much as I possibly could.

The year ended off with some sadness – my mother and sister moved away. My sister will be studying in a different city and being home bound for so long, it was tough to see them go. Our December holidays was filled with exciting activities with lots of family members and 2015 my other sister and I had to learn how to create a new Christmas tradition. What a glorious, drunk and food filled day it was. Almost my own, small family right here at home.


As for 2016, I am very excited to see what it holds. I’m corny and I have made so many New Year’s resolutions and the first three weeks are looking good! Here is to a year filled with love, laughter, new challenges, putting myself out there, some more travelling and more blogging. Here we go.

Anemi x x x


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